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Mountain Flight with Buddha air

Mountain Flight with Buddha air cheep flight

Buddha air lets you have one of the unforgettable hours of your life in the mountain range on flight. In just an hour of time you will be able to explore the most beautiful mountain range and world’s highest mountain Mt.Everest. Mountain flight will be a life time experience for those people who love to explore the mountain range and its panoramic view in flight. Buddha air operates daily flight for mountain. It serves 5 flights a day which departs at same time in 6:30 am.

Flight Schedule

Flight FromFlight ToAirlinesFlight No.Flight TimeArrival TimeBook
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesRMK 10106:15:0007:15:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesRMK 20106:15:0007:15:00
KathmanduMountain FlightYeti AirlinesYT 30506:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightYeti AirlinesYT 30406:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightYeti AirlinesYT 30306:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightYeti AirlinesYT 30206:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightYeti AirlinesYT 30106:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightBuddha AirU4 30006:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightBuddha AirU4 20006:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightBuddha AirU4 10206:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightBuddha AirU4 10106:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightBuddha AirU4 10006:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesRMK 10207:30:0008:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesRMK 20207:30:0008:30:00

If flight numbers are in brackets like TA 181 (1,5) , this means that the flight are not daily flights. Numbers in brackets denots Monday 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3, Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6, Sunday 7

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